Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint for Universities, Colleges and Public School Boards

Making Excellence in Indigenous Education a Priority

The Blueprint partners acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of Indigenous students and educators to our province. The diverse history, culture, language, philosophy, traditional knowledge and experiences of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students are respected and valued. Strengthening community connections and dialogue about shared history and future are integral to building and maintaining relationships based on mutual respect and appreciation for the diversity of cultures. We recognize and support the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action on education to advance the cause of reconciliation.

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The 10 Commitments

Upon endorsing the Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint, signatory participants have committed to upholding 10 key commitments. These commitments are:


Engaging with Indigenous peoples in respectful and reciprocal relationships to realize the right to self-determination, and to advance reconciliation, language and culture through education, research and skill development;


Bringing Indigenous knowledge, languages and intellectual traditions, models and approaches into curriculum and pedagogy;


Promoting research and learning that reflects the history and contemporary context of the lives of lndigenous peoples;


Increasing access to services, programs, and supports to Indigenous students, to ensure a learning environment is established that fosters learner success;


Collaborating to increase student mobility to better serve the needs of lndigenous students;


Building school and campus communities that value diversity, foster cultural safety and are free of racism;


Increasing and measuring Indigenous school and post-secondary participation and success rates;


Showcasing successes of lndigenous students and educators;


Reflecting the diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Metis cultures in Manitoba through institutional governance and staffing policies and practices; and


Engaging governments and the private and public sectors to increase labour market opportunities for Indigenous graduates.

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